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Setting up SQL Server in Azure

I always thought that setting up a SQL Server instance on an existing Virtual Machine (VM) in Azure would be simple, install SQL Server with the defaults and your done.  But Azure is a little different and a hard drive isn’t the same as a hard drive in another environment. A little background I would
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Another Great CodeMash

I attended my third CodeMash this past week and it was a great time. For those that have never heard of CodeMash, it is a Software Developer conference in Sandusky, Oh at a water park.  Developers come to the conference to tune-up their skills or learn something new.  The best part about CodeMash is the
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The end of Silverlight?

Someone recently pointed me to an article about PDC 10 and the lack of Silverlight.  I have followed Mary Jo Foley who follows everything that goes on within Microsoft and respect her work. Here is my take on it… Silverlight doesn’t have anything to say yet. The focus has been on Windows Phone and Azure.
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